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Doris came to Huron Valley PACE with health challenges

  • Recovering from a stroke
  • Isolated at home
  • Needed more help at home
  • Chronic conditions
  • Lack of mobility
  • Memory loss
  • In need of medical transportation

Doris is a great fit with Huron Valley PACE services

She now…

  • Gets out more and socializes through fun activities
  • Has support for herself and for her family
  • Receives ongoing physical therapy
  • Has greater and more frequent access to her primary care physician at Huron Valley PACE
  • Receives care in the home as needed
  • Is provided with necessary medical equipment, supplies and medications
  • Has coordinated health care and services through Huron Valley PACE
Doris doing physical therapy

Doris’s life and health have been transformed at HVPACE

“We don’t know what we’d do without PACE!  It has made a HUGE difference for our family!”  Doris and her daughter are overjoyed and no longer overwhelmed by health care needs.

A Typical Day at Huron Valley PACE with Doris

1. Transportation to Huron Valley PACE

2. Breakfast with Friends

4. Physical Therapy

5. Hot Lunch With Friends

6. Afternoon Fun With Staff and Friends

7. Cider Mill Outing

8. Heading Home

1 Year with Huron Valley PACE

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